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Resolving Difficult Family Law Issues

Few things are more difficult than going through a divorce. Even if a split is amicable, it is still important to ensure that everything gets resolved from a proper legal standpoint. At the Albany law firm of Healy & McCann, PC , our attorneys are here to help guide people through the divorce process and all other family law issues. To schedule a consultation, call us at 541-248-1440 .

Skilled Representation In Divorce And All Related Matters

We are dedicated to helping you reach a successful resolution in both contested and uncontested divorce matters. Whenever possible, we attempt to resolve differences through negotiation. However, we understand that this is not always an option, and we are prepared to protect your interests in court. We also handle all divorce-related matters, including:

Helping Families With Adoption Cases

While adoption is often a happy time for families, the adoption process can be complicated, and if not done properly lengthy delays may occur. We can help guide grandparents, stepparents and others through this process, using our experience and a positive approach to help better position you for a successful outcome.

Contact Our Lawyers To Find Out How We Can Help You

To learn more about our family law practice in Northwest Oregon, schedule a consultation to speak with our attorneys. Call us at 541-248-1440 . You may also contact us online.