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Experienced Guidance For The Probate Process

Probate is the process of settling a person’s legal and financial affairs upon their death. If you are seeking representation for a probate-related matter in Oregon, the attorneys at Healy & McCann, PC , in Albany are here for you. We represent clients native to Albany and Northwest Oregon as well as those from out of state with legal matters pending in local jurisdictions.

Probate Basics

Some of the key functions of the probate process include:

  • Accounting of the decedent’s assets and debts
  • Notifying beneficiaries to the estate
  • Notifying creditors to the estate
  • Distributing estate assets in accordance with a will

The probate process can be complex and time-consuming, but an experienced lawyer can make it much easier to bear. Sound estate planning can also play a role in taking the stress and potential conflict out of the process.

Resolving Will Disputes

The probate process does not always go smoothly. Disputes between heirs, beneficiaries and fiduciaries can disrupt the administration of the decedent’s estate. Will disputes often involve claims that the testator was of unsound mind or unduly influenced by an unscrupulous heir when he or she created the will.

We understand the sensitive nature of will disputes — they often pit family members against each other. With this in mind, we seek amicable resolutions whenever possible. We understand, however, that the opposing party is not always willing to be reasonable. We are always prepared for aggressive litigation when necessary.

Talk With An Experienced Probate Lawyer Today

If you are seeking representation for the probate and estate administration process in Oregon, contact our Albany law offices online or by telephone at 541-248-1440 .