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How do you split an IRA in a divorce?

In a divorce, an IRA is often one of the biggest marital assets. Even if the IRA is in one party's name, it is typically a marital asset to be divided as part of the case. In the state of Oregon, there are laws for how to split an IRA in a divorce. Dividing an IRA in...

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Watch out for these assets in a divorce

Divorce can be challenging for any couple, but the process can be particularly complicated for millionaires. There are several assets to divide, so it's important to understand the intricacies of your finances before dissolving your marriage. You likely have executive...

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How to avoid estate taxes

When you die in Oregon, your beneficiaries will receive your estate according to the stipulations in your will. If everything goes as planned, future generations can use the assets that you accumulated during your lifetime. There's just one hitch: your beneficiaries...

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