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Child support termination and emancipation

Many divorced parents in Oregon have court-ordered child support arrangements that may be adjusted over time. In some cases, child support obligations can be terminated if the support is no longer needed, the paying parent has a change in financial circumstances, or the child becomes emancipated. A parent who stops paying child support without permission from the court could face serious consequences such as driver's license suspension and jail time.

How a divorce financial specialist may be helpful

A divorce financial specialist may be able to help some Oregon estranged couples understand how ending their marriage will affect their finances and the implications of various settlement options. Alongside an attorney and other professionals, a divorce financial specialist may be particularly helpful when the financial situation is complex or for a person who has had little involvement in the marital finances.

Experts warn about signs of an impending divorce

Divorce is life-changing, and this means that the decision to move ahead with it can be difficult for some people in Oregon. However, some experts say there are certain signs that can suggest that a marriage is at its end. For example, people who find they would rather stay late at work than go home to their spouse might be ready to divorce.

Younger people choosing prenups more frequently

When younger people in Oregon decide to marry, they are more likely to opt for a prenuptial agreement before tying the knot. One survey of matrimonial lawyers found that over 60% had seen a growing number of clients seeking assistance in drafting or negotiating a prenup. Once considered to be the domain of celebrities or the ultra-wealthy, prenuptial agreements can be helpful to people from a wide range of financial backgrounds who want to protect themselves even as they plan for a future together. In the first place, many millennials are marrying later in life. As a result, they may already have solid careers and investment funds before marrying.

Type of income stream can impact financial status after split

Oregon residents who are going through a divorce will need to understand how their different income streams can impact their financial status after the split. While property division negotiations over income might be straightforward if a person's income comes from a straight salary, there are other methods of compensation that can affect the result and make the negotiations more complex.

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