What do rideshare drivers do after collisions?

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News reports tend to focus on negligent rideshare drivers who cause accidents. While such incidents may occur, these gig economy drivers can also find themselves the victims of car accidents in Oregon. Anyone who spends significant time on the road could face a variety of close calls and near hazards. If an accident does happen, a rideshare driver may have legal options to recover damages.

Rideshare drivers and the risks of the road

Rideshare drivers may work during heavy rush-hour traffic or late at night. Such times may put them in proximity to other drivers during less-than-ideal conditions. Inclement weather may further contribute to risk. In addition, the significant number of hours a driver works puts them at greater risk exposure than the average person.

Ultimately, if someone else causes an accident, a rideshare driver could file a claim against that person. A driver who commits a moving violation or otherwise behaves negligently, leading to an accident, might be solely at fault for the rideshare driver’s injuries.

Troubles with passengers and more

Rideshare drivers may also face hazards from the people they pick up. An intoxicated passenger could become belligerent and even attack a driver, causing serious personal injuries or a crash. In such instances, the passenger could be liable for damages.

Perhaps even the rideshare company may share some of the blame. Did other drivers report the passenger as making them feel uncomfortable or alarmed? If the rideshare company did not ban the passenger, then the company could share liability.

Those at fault may attempt to redirect blame onto the rideshare driver. An attorney may be able to help a rideshare driver address dubious allegations and show that the evidence doesn’t support the claim.

Contacting a personal injury attorney is advisable after an accident. An attorney may assist the driver with taking the appropriate legal steps to pursue compensation for their serious injuries.