Many different distractions can lead to car accidents

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Drivers across Oregon and throughout the county have become more and more reliant on the use of vehicles over time. Many commute to work every day and regularly drive to the grocery store or other shops on a frequent basis. Parents have the additional responsibility of taking their children to various activities, while everyone needs to rely on transportation of some type to visit friends and family.

With vehicle transportation being such an essential part of day-to-day life, it is more important than ever that people learn to drive safely. This is especially relevant these days due to the increase in potential distractions brought about by smartphones.

In order to drive safely, everyone must keep their attention on the road and on the vehicles around them at all times. However, visual distractions can easily take someone’s eyes off of the road. Additionally, manual distractions can lead to drivers removing their hands from the wheel, while cognitive distractions can cause the mind to wander when it needs to be focused on driving safely.

Distracted driving statistics

In 2018, approximately 400,000 people in the U.S. were injured in car accidents involving distracted driving. Unfortunately, approximately 2,841 people died due to distracted driving accidents. While other drivers are typically the victims in car accidents, about 20% of the people who were killed due to distracted driving were pedestrians or bicyclists.

While so many deaths is unacceptable, the amount of distracted driver fatalities in 2018 was actually lower than the previous five years, which each had over 3,000 deaths due to distracted driving.

There are many distractions these days for drivers. Unfortunately, this means there are many opportunities for victims to suffer injuries as a result. Motor vehicle accident victims can incur steep financial loss due to expensive medical bills and missed income while recovering. However, they may be able to receive compensation from the driver who caused the accident to cover their costs.