Can divorce affect your child’s education?

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Even if you refrain from sharing the details of your divorce with your children, they will undoubtedly suspect that something is different. Addressing the changes to your family’s dynamic in an age-appropriate manner may enable you to provide support and comfort to your children.

Your children may process the news differently depending on factors like age, maturity and their individual relationships with you and your spouse. You may notice that the changes to your relationship impact the lives of your children in numerous ways, including their education.

Acknowledging changes

Even though it may seem easier to ignore the impact of your divorce, acting as though nothing has changed is a big mistake. Acknowledge the changes in your life and encourage your children to ask questions. Providing focused and informative answers can reduce confusion and tension at home and preserve your children’s ability to focus in school.

You may also consider setting aside specific times to discuss familial changes. Doing so may provide comfort for your children so they know that you are listening and that their concerns are important to you. You might also want to consider notifying your children’s teachers of your situation so they can extend empathy and flexibility while they process the divorce.

Encouraging success

According to a study shared by, divorce is much more likely to affect the educational success of your children if you and your spouse were unlikely to divorce according to your socioeconomic status. Because of the sudden and unforeseen changes, your children may feel unstable, confused, sad and angry.

Resources including professional therapy and community support groups can provide your children with the tools they need to process the changes in a healthy manner. Armed with knowledge of how to deal with their newfound challenges, your children are better able to cope with the new normal and continue to do well academically.