Chain reaction collision claims the life of man, others injured

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Driver error, road hazards, impairment, distractions and inclement weather can all pose a threat to drivers in Oregon. Because people cannot control the actions of those around them, the inherent risk of driving remains despite their own responsible and cautious driving habits.

When people suffer injuries in car accidents, their lives may drastically change and require permanent adjustments. For families of victims in fatal collisions, the emotional pain of unexpectedly losing a loved one may never heal completely.

Deadly car collision in central Oregon

Following a four-car collision in Terrebonne, authorities conducted an investigation that suggested the accident began when one motorist crashed into a vehicle stopped in front of him. Traffic stalled due to a fire on a hay truck another 5 miles south.

It appears the man did not notice traffic slowing when he crashed into a small passenger car with several occupants inside. The impact pushed the second car into another vehicle. After the second car came to a rest, a fourth vehicle ran into it.

Multiple injuries reported

Multiple injuries impacted several of the occupants of the four vehicles involved. One man suffered fatal injuries and authorities pronounced him dead at the scene. Area hospitals treated three other people with injuries, including at least one listed in serious condition. Others received treatment for minor injuries at the scene of the accident.

The highway saw temporary closures while the authorities assessed the scene and cleaned up the crash. It is unknown whether any of the victims planned to pursue legal action against the driver who caused the collision.

While nothing can ever replace the loss of a loved one or reverse permanent injuries, injured drivers can pursue fair compensation for their losses with the help of an attorney.