Are non-compete agreements worth the hassle?

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Protecting your organization’s unique strategies and data can be key to your overall success as a business. Implementing non-compete agreements into employment contracts for your workers may help you protect your company’s best interests in the long run.

You may have heard that non-compete agreement clauses create challenges and may not even make much of a difference. However, non-compete agreements actually have valuable qualities that may make all the difference in how your protect the parts of your business that mean the most.

Make it legal

A poorly written non-compete agreement may come back to bite you if a disgruntled former employee takes you to court. Harvard Law School suggests that you carefully assess the content of your agreement in relation to your employees’ ability to acquire employment should they leave your company. While it is fine to put parameters in place to protect your company, you must go about it legally and fairly.

According to a story shared by Harvard Law School, one employer asked a prospective employee to sign a non-compete agreement before ever offering him a full-time position. This approach not only lacks fairness but is legally questionable as well. Consider how your agreement will impact the lives of your employees. You may want to consider having a professional look over the contract to ensure its legal compliance as well.

Protect your organization

While you may already know that non-compete agreements can prevent employees from leaving a business and sharing proprietary company information, that is not the only reason for implementing them. If your company has built a dependable client base, a non-compete can be used to prevent former employees from trying to take your clients with them when they leave. Additionally, having a non-compete clause may encourage your workers to stay with your company longer.