Experts warn about signs of an impending divorce

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2019 | Family Law | 0 comments

Divorce is life-changing, and this means that the decision to move ahead with it can be difficult for some people in Oregon. However, some experts say there are certain signs that can suggest that a marriage is at its end. For example, people who find they would rather stay late at work than go home to their spouse might be ready to divorce.

Some couples may say they are staying together for their children, but a relationship cannot thrive with only the children as the connection. In other cases, the relationship might have fallen into patterns that indicate a larger problem. For example, when couples stop having fun together, stop having sex or no longer eat dinner together, this could mean their connection to one another has weakened. Some couples may realize that they are leading entirely separate lives, and it can be difficult to repair a marriage at this point.

In some marriages, one person might have serious issues, such as an addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling. If the person will not get help, this could destroy the marriage. When spouses no longer feel empathy or respect toward one another, if they are not bothered at the thought of their spouse with someone else or are relieved thinking of the marriage’s end, divorce may be the right solution.

There still might be hurdles ahead in dealing with property division and child custody. Even though spouses may not be on the best of terms during the divorce process, they might still be able to negotiate a divorce agreement instead of going to court. Their attorneys may assist them in this process. One advantage of negotiation is that it might give the couple more flexibility to reach a settlement that suits their lifestyles than one determined by a judge.