Should you have a will?

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Do you have a will? If you’re like most Americans, People put off wills for multiple reasons, including being too busy or not wanting to think about their own death. While a will is about you, it’s almost equally about the loved ones you leave behind.

In fact, you may be more of a candidate to create a will than you think.

Parents should have a will

Probate cases can get messy when families fight over a deceased relatives property. You can clearly state in your will which of your child inherits what property in the event of your death. The last thing you want is extra strife for your family in a difficult time.

Having a will is especially important if you have underage children. Perish the thought, but who would take care of your children if you were no longer around? You wouldn’t want to leave this decision up to the courts and you can prevent this by declaring who becomes your child’s guardian if you pass away.

A will is also a good idea if youre married

In Oregon, your spouse automatically receives a piece of your estate. However, it’s not a bad idea to have a will that specify what your spouse will inherit after your death. Your spouse can agree to waive their rights to your estate, but that’s the only way they won’t automatically receive a share.

Single and no kids? You may still need a will

Even if you’re single with no kids, a will is a good idea if you have a 401K, investments and other forms of accumulated wealth. It would be wise for you to have a will to distribute your financial assets in the way that you prefer.

You may be more ready for a will than you think

Even if you’re not of retirement age or middle age, having a will is a great idea if you have dependents like a spouse and kids or have attained wealth. It’s important to know that your loved ones will have fewer things to worry about after your passing because you took the time to create a will. Even if you’re busy, a will is something that you should make time for.