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My name is Doug. Although I’m really smart and often meet with clients, I’m not a lawyer and can’t give legal advice. Please remember that I’m a dog. Well, not just a dog — a goldendoodle! I come to work every day with my dad, help out around the office, and am happy to sit in on client consultations if you would like my thoughts and help on your case.

You might wonder how I got this job. Well, I began my life living and “working” on the streets here in Albany with my homeless companion. The work wasn’t steady and I ended up at SafeHaven Humane Society before I was two years old. My new family remembered me from my time around town, and knew that I was a hard and dedicated worker. I interviewed with them and they adopted me.

I was used to working and contributing to my family, so I talked with them about wanting to get a job. Frankly, when I arrived at SafeHaven I didn’t look very professional, but after a bath, haircut and a new collar I was ready to go to work. I interviewed here at Healy & McCann, PC , got the job and the rest is history! I enjoy being part of the Healy & McCann, PC , team. I have learned a lot of new things and love meeting with our clients, especially if it means getting a treat.

In my time away from the office, I like to play fetch, run and go on long walks on the hills around my home. I still work with SafeHaven as part of Healy & McCann, PC ‘s community involvement and you may see me outside the office at some of SafeHaven’s fund raising events. If you do, stop by and say “hi.” I enjoy supporting SafeHaven’s mission to help other, less fortunate dogs and, yes, cats too.

To Our Clients and General Public

At the direction of Governor Kate Brown’s expected COVID 19 EXECUTIVE ORDER, effective immediately, our office is operating at the level of “shelter in place.” What this means for our clients and colleagues is that our staff will be working remotely. The office will be closed to the public. Our office will remain operational, providing you with the same exceptional legal services you have come to expect from our firm. Given the quickly evolving COVID-19 situation, our law firm will suspend “face to face” meetings.

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